About This Website

“The cultural experience of studying abroad can be an impassable landscape with mountains of strange habits and curious customs. A minefield in which a stranger can only survive with a good guide.”

Hello, our names are Aoife (pronounced “EE-fa”) and Anna. We have been mentors for international students for years. We created and are the webmasters of this website as we wanted to provide a platform where international students can come together and talk about studying and life in different countries. Which you can do on the international students forum.

Now of course we also wanted to share some thoughts and knowledge we have about living and studying in different countries with the international student community. If you are (thinking about) studying in another country as an international student, or you are already here, we are hoping you find some of the information published on our sites useful.

Please note that we and this website are not affiliated with any official educational organization or any government. As a result we will ignore private messages or e-mails with information or scholarship requests about studying abroad. Please use the international students forum to ask your questions.